Internet Service Provider

Enjoy Fast Internet Solutions & Web Hosting with our reliable Fibre, ADSL and LTE connections

We offer a variety of the best data center, cloud, and internet services that help organizations to do things at a world class standard.

Logitech SA is A Proud Internet Service Provider with the latest network solutions, backed by our expertise.

We are passionate about connecting people & business through Logitech SA's premium technology & internet solutions. Contact us to Get connected with Logitech SA Internet Solutions

Cloud Hosted and on premises VOIP PABX Solutions

Hosted PBX with quality of service guaranteed on Separate Vlan giving you clear reliable Voice calls. Completely managed and supported by us takes away any headaches of adding, deleting extensions or forwarding any calls.

Small to enterprise solutions with full scalability for growth.

VoIP Offers substantial cost savings in comparison to old analogue PABXs.

Call Centre Solutins

Call Center Services. Drive Sales. Boost Customer Satisfaction. Grow Your Business. Extend Your Operating Hours.

Logitech SA's call center experts will help you drive sales, boost customer satisfaction, grow your business and extend your operating hours. A call center outsourcing company with a dedicated team, backed by regular training and state of the art technology, ready to add to your bottom line

Tell us a bit more about your call center solution requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.