CCTV & Security

Security solutions for peace of mind

Our security systems division provides a range of security systems to safeguard your home and business, including access control solutions, alarm systems, CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), and electric fencing.

Our access control products ensure secure entry management, while alarm systems offer reliable intrusion detection. CCTV options provide surveillance and monitoring capabilities and electric fencing solutions contribute to perimeter protection.

What we offer

Access Control

Our access control systems are designed to manage and restrict entry to premises efficiently. This includes electronic key card access, biometric identification, and keypad entry systems. These solutions offer customizable access levels, audit trails, and real-time monitoring for enhanced security.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems provide comprehensive intrusion detection for residential and commercial spaces. Equipped with sensors, these systems detect unauthorized access and trigger immediate alerts. Options include both wired and wireless configurations, ensuring flexibility in installation based on specific security requirements.


Our CCTV solutions offer advanced video surveillance for effective monitoring. High-definition cameras with day and night vision capabilities provide clear footage. Remote viewing options enable real-time monitoring via smartphones or computers. Our CCTV systems are scalable to accommodate various property sizes.

Electric Fencing

Our electric fencing solutions provide an added layer of security for property perimeters. These systems use electrified wires to deter and detect potential intruders. With robust designs and compliance with safety standards, our electric fencing enhances the overall security of your premises.


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