Hosted Solutions

Upgrade your online game with our reliable hosting solutions

We offer cPanel-based website and email hosting, ensuring a user-friendly interface and simplified management for your online presence.

Meanwhile, our Hosted PBX service is a robust telephony platform designed to enhance your business communication. With a cloud-based PBX system, you can enjoy advanced features and flexibility without the need for complex on-site hardware.

Additionally, for those with specific requirements, we offer custom cloud hosting solutions—providing dedicated resources for your project.

What we offer

Email and Web Hosting

Improve your online presence with our secure and reliable email and web hosting solutions based on industry-standard cPanel. Ensure your website is always accessible and enjoy uninterrupted communication.

Hosted PBX Systems

Transform your business communication with our Hosted PBX systems. Experience advanced telephony features, scalability, and cost-effectiveness—without the need for complex on-site hardware.

Custom Hosting

Experience blazing-fast performance with dedicated resources on public cloud infrastructure. Customize your hosting environment for your application’s needs, optimizing speed and responsiveness.


In addition to our cloud offering, we offer on-premise software PBX systems. Combine these with cost-saving SIP trunks and number porting—allowing you to keep your existing numbers.


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